Amazing wall maps

07-03-2013 19:31

The Pirate Map
Make a virtual trip to the era of pirates, with representations of their action, their ships, their weapons and their faces printed on an accurate geographical background of the world.

World political map of National Geographic with rich earthy colors
An excellent world map, designed with a minimal distortion of the shapes of states - even near the poles, with unique precision and detail for its size and very elegant cartography. There is a laminated version.

Colourful educational Dinos maps Animals of the World and Map of the World
Designed specifically for kids the maps of the Croatian company Dino's are illustrated with cartoon drawings and small texts for the countries, mountains, rivers, animals, explorers, cultures, ships and many other information.

The Dinos children's map of the solar system includes detailed illustrations of the nine planets that surround our sun, with their satellites, comets, asteroids etc. Explains eclipses, and other details of the structure of our solar system, the history of space travel and more that parents are likely to learn from their children.