22-12-2014 19:21

Avenza pdf maps is a free app, available in iTunes and Play Store for
iPhone/iPad (iOS 5.0 or later) and Android phones and tablets (version 4.0.3 and above)
PDF Maps is a powerful offline map viewer.
Load maps onto your device and access them even when there is no Internet connection.
Navigate the map with a GPS connection (no 3G/LTE needed), without a network connection and without roaming charges

• Show current location on the map - GPS position (blue dot)
• Add Placemarks (red dot)
• Import and export KML to share placemarks with friends
• Find Coordinates
• Measure Distance or Area

buy and download maps through the in-app Avenza Map Store
or from Anavasi e-shop www. anavasi.gr (Digital maps / (filename *.84.rar) and import via Dropbox of SD card