Digital maps Anavasi, to know at all times where you are

07-03-2013 19:58

Anavasi maps, identical to the printed ones on the screen of their GPS or mobile phone. So, at anytime they can see their exact location on the map.

-If you have a new generation GPS GARMIN (Dakota, Oregon, Colorado, GPSMAP 62 series, GPSMAP 78 series, Edge800, the Montana, Rino6xx series, Astro 320 series, eTrex 20 or 30) you can buy and download from the digital maps menu, the file with kmz extension and copy to the folder Custom maps of your GPS (if it not already there, upgrade the software of your device and the folder will be automatically created - in the folder Garmin)

- If you have an iPhone  or a mobile phone with Android you have two options:
1) a free software of Avenza, PDF MAPS in which you download the Anavasi maps purchasing them from the AppStore or Google Play (or you can load the file with 84 extension via your Dropbox)
the Pathaway software ( in which you can load maps with suffix. prc, that you can buy from our web site