Smolikas, Voio, Vasilitsa [3.3] Hiking Map

Year: 2019 ISBN: D_978-960-8195-929 Type: HIKING (1:10000 - 1:75000) Scale: 1:40.000
Price: 5.00 €
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The map covers the traditional Mastorochoria villages and the mountains Smolikas, Tabouri, Taliaros, Voio and Vasilitsa. Unappreciated and almost inaccessible for decades after the WWII and the civil war, the area seems to regain the attention of travelers, as it offers a practically inexhaustible field for both nature lovers and for cultural explorations, vast forests and alpine meadows and traditional villages and monuments (churches, monasteries), especially in the large section of Mastorochoria. 3 proposed hiking routes and 2 adventure routes are marked on the map.

Link to the map covering the northern parts of Mt Gramos