Mt Menalo [8.5] Hiking Map

Year: 2016 ISBN: D_978-960-8195-660 Type: HIKING (1:10000 - 1:75000) Scale: 1:50.000
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Menalo is the highest and largest mountain of Arcadia. It rises on the western edge of the Tripoli – Mantinia plateau. The map includes three hiking regions: 1. The main body of Menalo with the highest peaks 2. Western Menalo ia labyrinth of ridges and closed basins 3. The hiking region around the Lousios River.
The Menalon Trail, a well-signposted, 75 km long route is highlighted on the map.  The trail stretches from Stemnitsa to Lagkadia, passing through the  the Lousios Gorge, the western slopes of Mt Menalon, the Mylaon River valley and the Gortynias Mountains. The trail is divided into eight sections of varying difficulty, the Stemnitsa–Dimitsana leg being the most popular.