Parnassos [2.1] Hiking Map

Year: 2016 ISBN: D_978-960-8195-400 Type: HIKING (1:10000 - 1:75000) Scale: 1:35.000
Price: 5.00 €
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The hiking map of Mt Parnassos was one of the first maps published by ANAVASI, now reedited on a more detailed scale. The course of the E4 trail and national trail 22 are recorded on the map, the mountain running trail of Amfikleia and many more paths. Mount Parnassos is a mountain of limestone in central Greece that towers above Delphi and offers scenic views of the surrounding olive groves. According to Greek mythology, this mountain was sacred to Apollo and the Corycian nymphs, and the home of the Muses.  Today, the slopes of Mount Parnassus are the location of the largest ski center in Greece.