Zakros - Vai - Sitia [11.16] Hiking Map

Year: 2019 ISBN: D_978-960-8195-707 Type: HIKING (1:10000 - 1:75000) Author: Anavasi Scale: 1:25.000
Price: 5.00 €
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The new edition of the map Zakros-Vai which is now called Zakros-Vai-Sitia covers the entire eastern edge of Crete, from Sitia, Cape Sidero and Zakros, to Xerokampos and Goudouras to the south. An area unknown to many people that has unique geological and natural wealth: caves, gorges, rare rocks and fossils, that has been proposed as geopark. The Geopark scientists have created a network of
signposted hiking and cycling routes displayed on the map. In the area of Kato Zakros one of the biggest Minoan palaces of Crete was unearthed that was a center of commerce and trade with countries of the East.