Thasos [7.1] Hiking Map

Year: 2017 ISBN: 978-960-9412-25-4 Type: ISLANDS (Various scales) Scale: 1:36.000
Price: 7.00 €

NEW EDITION 2017 Hiking Map of Thasos [7.1]

Thasos island is gifted with natural resources and natural beauty. Forests, mineral wealth, marblesand more recently beaches attracted over time people with basic motive the exploitation of its natural wealth. The scars on the landscape are numerous: ancient mining tunnels and holes, ancienttowers guarding the coastmining remnants of the last century, modern quarries, coastal touristsettlements. With this map that was made with the support and collaboration of the Environmental Association of Thassos we propose a new approach to the island, as sightseersand hikers to discover routes in magnificent forests, cool waterfalls and ravines, swim in naturalmarble pools, visit picturesque villages of the hinterlandto appreciate all that nature gives generously. On the reverse side of the mapa detailed presentation of space and routes with beautiful photographs and simple texts.