Footpaths of Patmos

Year: 2014 ISBN: 9789609412346 Author: Despoina Vakratsi
Price: 14.00 €

Patmos has an outstanding network of old paths that connect the settlements, the rural regions and the pasture lands with one another, as well as with the Holly abbey of Saint John the Theologian. The paths connect also the settlements with the monasteries, the hermitages and the seats that are scattered all over the island.
 The paths of Patmos are, mostly, smooth to walk and reveal to us exceptional beauty landscapes, ancient and newer monuments, old churches and forts, the rich flora and fauna but also the beautiful coastline.
 The new book on the paths of Patmos proposes to you a new different view of the island of Revelation. Following signposted hiking paths you will experience the peacefulness and the aesthetics of his particular landscape. With the photographs that are included, you will travel in each corner of the island. 
The knowledge of writer combined with the experience of “Anavasi” publications, gives an exceptional result and a different glance in this splendid island.