Milos-Kimolos-Polyvos [10.45] Hiking Map

Year: 2017 ISBN: D_9789609412407 Type: ISLANDS (Various scales) Scale: 1:32.000
Price: 5.00 €
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Milos and the archipelago which also includes Kimolos, Polyvos, Erimomilos and smaller islets such as Akradies, Glaronisia etc. belong to the volcanic arc of the southern Aegean. These volcanic islands have an extremely interesting geological history and geology, that is reflected in their landscapes. Places like Paliohori, Sarakiniko,Papafragas, Kleftiko, Firiplaka, Paliorema or Vani with their unique landforms or colors reveal a story accessible only to the initiated
With this new map of  Anavasi we propose to discover the marvelous beaches and unique monuments of Milos on one side and the beautifully conserved hinterland of Kimolos, with its lovely hiking trails, on the other.
A map in a handy size, printed on durable plastic paper as always.