Parnassos [2.1] hiking map

Year: 2016 ISBN: 978-960-9412-51-3 Scale: 1:35.000
Price: 8.00 €

The new Parnasos map is now available in scale 1:35 000 and combines the characteristics of both previous versions, 1: 25,000 and 1:50,000, now discontinued.
Parnasos has always been one of the most emblematic mountains of Greece. The oracle of Delphi, the Coryceion Cave, the remains of the fortification complexes of Lilaia or Tithorea, the cave of Androutsos, are some of the landmarks of the significant history of this place. From cosmopolitan Arachova to the lonely paths of Eastern Parnassos, this mountain has many faces, sometimes even contradictory ones. Its proximity to the capital and the variety of activities it offers, have made Parnasos very popular, even for a day trip. The main attraction are the ski resorts, the great hikes, mountain running and cycling. Since 2008, a mountain race called "ParnassusTrail" takes place yearly, starting from Amfikleia, and when the snow melts, the ski slopes become downhill MTB routes. In an effort to maintain the integrity of its unique landscapes, Parnassos has been declared a National Park in 1938, the second NP of Greece after Mt Olympus.