Folegandros [10.46]

Year: 2016 ISBN: 9789609412551 Type: ISLANDS (Various scales) Author: P. Matsouka Scale: 1:18.000
Price: 5.50 €

The map of Folegandros by Anavasi editions in a scale of 1:18 000 depicts with detail the beautiful footpaths of the island with their corresponding signposting. Field work on Folegandros was done during the Spring of 2016.
Folegandros is a walking paradise with short footpaths ending up in beautiful remote beaches. Start walking and you will be so amazed that you will want to walk to the next bay. 
See the detailed footpaths descriptions with pictures and text on the back of the map.
A small plan of Chora, the town of Folegandros, completes the map.