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You can buy from our e-shop 4 versions of georeferenced maps:

  • Map georeferenced in the Greek Geodetic System GGRS87 (filename *.87.rar), that can be imported in GIS software.
  • Map georeferenced in the worldwide GPS reference system WGS84 (filename *.84.rar), that can be imported in GIS software or any GPS data management software that supports map images and mobile phones (see below).
  • *.kmz file map that can be used only with new GPS models. Please check before download that your GPS supports "Custom Maps".
  • *.prc file map, ready to use with PathAway software for Pocket PC, iPhones and mobile phones with Symbian, Android (only compatible with Express edition - available on priced 29.90 USD).
  • For iPhones or mobile phones with Android OS there is another alternative - the free software PDF Maps where you can download maps from AppStore or Google Play or import *.84 files from our e-shop. In this case you have to uncompress the rar file and extract the *84.tif file. You can import the map to the phone via your Dropbox for iPhones or microSD card for phones with Android OS. On the first screen of PDF MAPS software press + to load the map into the application.

All rights reserved. Printing of the digital maps is allowed only for non commercial use.

See instructions on how to import maps in OZI explorer.